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Shipping Purchases

For International Orders

Thank you for using this service, this is when our shipping calculator is unable to quote you. i.e.. international shipping (non Europe etc.)

Usage Guide:

1. Purchase your goods.

2. Select, 'Quote me' and one of our team will provide a bespoke quote. 

3. If you are happy with our quote, log back onto this site and purchase the correct number of shipping tickets. (Put your previous order number in parts box).

4. At the check out, just select, 'Please send with quote you gave me'.

Shipping Tickets

For shipping tickets, please click here.

Shipping Calculator

For your convenience this site is able to calculate the shipping costs of your goods. It saves having to ask for quotes on 'normal' parcels. The calculator is applicable for:

UK Mainland - Northern Ireland - Isle of Skye - Isle of Wight - Scottish Islands - UK Channel Islands

You will be able to see the cost of your shipping at the 'view cart'. If you feel the calculator is incorrect, simply select 'quote me' then our online sales team will quote you via email.
Or select a 'maximum delivery' charge you wish to pay in the check out field, if we can meet this criteria we will send your goods.

(We will not charge your card if you select 'quote me' until you authorise the order).
NB. If our online sales team feel you have been under/over or not charged for shipping when you should have been, they will contact you.

NB. At times the calculator is unable to quote when:

1. Excess parcel weight - this will need a bespoke quotation.

Shipping Quotes

For a bespoke shipping quote anywhere in the world, go to shipping or click here.


When browsing the site it is worth clicking on the item's thumbnail pictures or the descriptions for more info on the product and sometimes more pictures.

You may want to click on 'buy' to see your item/s in the 'shopping cart' added up with totals, postage & discounts etc. - you can of course delete any or all if you desire.

In the 'shopping cart' you can: select currency, select your country (for correct tax) & how many of each product you need to add or remove.

Once you are happy with your selection, you then go to the 'checkout'  here you are asked to enter your relevant vehicle details etc.

If you are new to this site you will be asked to enter your own password and email address.This is for convenient future purchases, as your address details will be stored. NB. your card details are not stored & will have to be entered on each visit.