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MM4x4 Workshop

We have a workshop full of Land Rover specialist technicians who can carry out work on your vehicle such as;

  • MOT
  • Service & Repairs
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Diagnostics / EGR delete / Re-maps
  • Wax Oyling Treatments

If you are unsure whether or not we can carry out the work you are looking for or you would like a quote, please enquire below and someone will help you.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

We advise a fluid and filter replacement before reaching 75,000 miles, or 50,000 miles under harsh conditions.

To ensure a 99% fluid exchange, specialized equipment is necessary.

Over time, the fluid and additives in your Land Rover degrade, despite many manufacturers claiming their automatic transmission fluid lasts indefinitely.

If not replaced, this can affect the transmission by altering the carefully engineered friction coefficients and viscosity.

Without the appropriate equipment and only draining and refilling, up to 70% of the total fluid can remain in the torque converter, valve body, and cooler lines.

Luckily, we possess the necessary equipment to replace up to 99% of the oil within your automatic transmission.

Our gearbox fluid flushing machine could be just what your vehicle needs to rectify harsh engagements and rough or slipping shifts as the critical, controlled clutch slip no longer responds as intended and reduces the risk of premature and costly transmission failure.

At MM4x4, we can flush modern 8HP gearboxes fittings, 9 speed Evoque as well as 4,5 and 6 speed applications including the 5L40E gearboxes on early Range Rovers.

Our efficient machine performs a thorough job that you can wait for in our reception or while you browse our parts store, ensuring a quick and hassle-free fluid exchange.

Unlike traditional draining methods from the sump plug, our ATF machine runs a flushing detergent through the gearbox and exchanges 99% of the total oil capacity.

Advantages of this procedure include smoother gear changes, reduced transmission noise, easier gear selection, reduced transmission vibrations, quicker upshift during acceleration and much more.

A gearbox flush should always be viewed as a maintenance procedure, but there have been cases where a faulty transmission has been diagnosed and a thorough gearbox service has restored the vehicle to a drivable condition.

Every vehicle is unique, and we cannot guarantee the total outcome until the service has been completed. Please contact us via telephone on: 01905 451506 or email via: parts@mm-4x4.com to inquire about whether your vehicle requires a gearbox flush or repair.

(We will likely need to inspect your vehicle to determine this).

Main dealers are likely to charge 2 or 3 times more than an independent garage like ours as we buy our oils in bulk allowing us to pass on significant savings to our customers.

Other garages may claim they can change your automatic gearbox oil but ensure you check if they can also flush it for a comprehensive oil change; you want the entire system flushed.

Liquimatic DS Transmission Fluid is an advanced synthetic automotive transmission fluid that offers improved cold start efficiency resulting in better fuel economy. It is designed for all General Motors applications requiring Dexron® VI and provides protection for 2006 models and newer.

Benefits • Reliable and consistent shift performance • Long service life (twice the service interval of Dexron IIIH) • Stable high temperature performance • Combats sludge and varnish build up • Maintains gear integrity and optimises efficiency • Outstanding low temperature fluidity • Superior oxidation and thermal stability control

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